Our Story is Pure

We started with a genuine love of dogs. Our Founder was the proud papa of a Husky himself, and wanted to provide only the best for his best friend. Partnering with a dog trainer and veterinarian, he envisioned creating a new kind of pet food brand for all things canine health.

Our Dog Food is Different

At Canadian Husky Pet Food, we look beyond the ordinary to source extraordinary ingredients.

It all starts with the best. You won’t find fillers and unnecessary “fancy” proteins with no proven canine value here. We source our dog food ingredients from Canadian brands that value:

  • High nutrition standards
  • Great value to you, our customers
  • Quality, locally-sourced ingredients
  • Nothing that’s not needed

We source premium ingredients from around the world to bring your dog the very best. With healthy ingredients as our foundation, we focus on quality manufacturing processes to take our dog food to the next level.